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Rule number 1: Do not fall in love with me. I thought it would be as simple as that.
We all know the story. Girl meets boy. Boys meets girl. They fall in love and live happily ever after. Except, after my ‘so-called’ first love shredded my heart to pieces, I gave up on the idea of true love entirely.
Until the small, crumpled-up piece of paper rolled in front of me…
Will you tell me your name? Three boxes lined the top of the note he slid over to me. I should have checked no. I should have let Newport University’s star football player Roman Calloway live his perfect life with his perfect family and friends. But I checked maybe.
Spoiler alert: that really meant yes—and I gave him a whole lot more than just my name.
Except I was the ultimate misfit in his world, thanks to the scandal that had branded a Scarlett letter across my chest from my previous college. Besides, I knew guys like him. Big time players on the field and even bigger players off the field. But just like me, he went against his better judgment and fell in love with me. And when we crashed into each other, it created something beautiful.
A beautiful mess.

Two things I knew with absolute certainty was that I fell for her, hard and fast, and that Piper Rivers was going to eventually break my heart.
And I was going to let her.

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