Minotaur: Prayer by Naomi Lucas (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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Minotaur: Prayer (The Bestial Tribe #2) by Naomi Lucas – Free eBooks Download


Orcs to the north
Goblins to the east
Centaurs to the south
Minotaurs to the west
Calavia was known as the hag, a swamp witch, and a dangerous being to those who threatened her sanctuary, Prayer. No one knew the lost girl that she truly was, surviving each day in the cursed Labyrinth, hiding her humanity from the hordes of monsters who would tear each other limb-from-limb to possess it. When a minotaur arrived on her doorstep with a human woman, she helped them… for a price.
And when they fled, she was left alone with the wrath of the centaurs that had been chasing the pair. With her magic dying, her protection failing, and a war on the horizon, she summons a champion.
Astegur Bathyr—the third bull begat of the legendary warlord Steelslash, and heir to the Bathyr tribe—was drawn to Prayer and the haunting female within. But for what reason? The wiles of mist witches had never held his interest, but her mouthwatering scent on the curse-laden night mist held him as surely as any mortal chain.

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