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Mine to Love (Rescue Inc. #8) by Megs Pritchard – Free eBooks Download


On a rescue mission to free Carter’s family, Dean found himself captivated by the vampire who had been imprisoned with them. When he found out he was Wyatt’s mate, everything fell into place, but Dean knew he needed to give him time to recover. Only time and patience would prove that Dean was one of the good guys, and so, he was left with no choice but to take a step back and give Wyatt the space he needed. For his mate, he’d wait as long as he needed.

Wyatt had lost track of how long he’d been a prisoner of the vampires, but he’d never forget the day he was rescued. Fate had chosen to send his mate to set him free, how could he be sure that by choosing his mate, he wasn’t trading one cell for another? Wyatt hadn’t even begun to live his life and wasn’t ready to be in a lifelong commitment, even if it was the one destined to complete him. Was he too scared to believe in the possibilities of a life with his mate?

When the vampires kidnap, Wyatt and Carter, Dean faces a race against time to save his mate. Will he reach him in time, or will Wyatt face a painful death?

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