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mine forever, bolivar nakhasenh

Mine Forever (In The Network #2) by Bolivar Nakhasenh – Free eBooks Download


Ten years after Mason Winthrop broke my heart, I’m in Las Vegas for Bachelorette Week, a party-till-you-drop/soul searching trip. My week will end next Monday with my wedding to Marcus Jackson, a dreamboat of epic proportion. The problem? I’ve been having anxiety attacks every time I think about walking down the aisle.
My shrink believes that facing my deepest fears before my wedding will alleviate the anxiety I feel. I’m pretty sure singing Girls Just Want to Have fun in an 80s karaoke bar, jumping out of a plane, and being stranded in a tiny elevator with the jackass who broke my effing heart wasn’t what she had in mind, however.
Mason is now the undefeated MMA League Middleweight Champion about to have the fight of a lifetime. He is a man used to giving orders and being obeyed. So, of course, tempers flare when the two of us collide, and I flip him the bird when he tells me he wants me back.

Marcus Jackson is a moron. He let the most spectacular woman on earth go on a week-long trip without him, and Sass is now in Vegas. With. Me.
I am going to reclaim what is mine. I know we have a ton of things to overcome, not the least of which her reluctance to spend time with me, but I don’t care. I gave her up once, I won’t do it again. People who think I’m an arrogant prick are right, I go after what I want, and I want her.
With the impending release of the Monster who has haunted their entire existence, Mace and Sass will need to navigate murky water, paved with treachery and deceit. Will they end up with their HEA? Or is it true when they say sometimes love just isn’t enough?

Welcome to a place where billionaires reign supreme and things are never as they seem.

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