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Her heart, her body, her baby… it’s all mine.

She is sweet, innocent, naïve; I’ve got my enemies’ blood drying on my hands. But she’s desperate for a baby, and I decide I’m the one to give it to her. Twenty-four hours of unprotected lust – that’s the deal. But she doesn’t know that once I get my hands on her…I’m never lettinggo. At first glance, Josephine looks nothing like the kind of girls I typically screw.She’s too prim and proper. I prefer my women to be wild – that way, I get to enjoy breaking them. But beneath the blond veneer and the pearly smile, there’s a frantic lust. I can work with that. Her mother is dying, and she wants to give her a grandchild before it’s too late. So we strike a deal.

For twenty-four hours, anything goes. Anything my twisted desires can conceive is fair game. The only goal is for me to put a baby in her belly… And then walk away forever.But as it turns out, that’s easier said than done. I never thought I’d fall victim to such a powerful craving. Our time has ended, but I need her again. I need her now. And when I find out she’s carrying my son, that seals the deal. Josephine is coming back to me, whether she likes it or not. Nothing comes between me and mine.

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