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mine, linzvonc

Mine (The Winterburg #1) by Linzvonc – Free eBooks Download


“What was it you said?” His breath was close to my ear, all I could smell was his masculine scent.
I glanced around, noticing we were the only ones standing outside.
“Cal-” I stammered softly, my eyes drinking his in as he spoke.
“I want to kiss someone in the rain. I want someone to push me against a wall, kiss me hard and pull my hair to the point of pain. I want to want someone so much they are all I think about.”
He was quoting exactly what I had said yesterday-word for word. My heart stopped, I think. His face was close to mine, his lips brushing against mine as he muttered,
“Let me be of some assistance here.”


You can’t help who you fall in love with…. ‘I think that we have relationships with different people to learn things. Learn how to behave, how to fuck, how to break up, how to be.’ Cal Fallon

Gretchens life is just average. She has the boyfriend, the friends and the family. She is in the final year at high school and is set on following her career ambition as a therapist. Then Cal Fallon enters her world, changing everything she thought she knew about herself, her friends and the world as she knows it….

Cal Fallon. He has a past that he needs to
keep a secret, until he meets Gretchen, and he realises he doesn’t want to keep any secrets from her…even though it could put them both in danger….

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