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mina, ava mona

Mina (The Hallans #3) by Ava Mona, Bethany-Kris – Free eBooks Download


There is always a choice … even for a Mina who knows what cards fate holds better than most.

Vabila’s future on Earth is both starkly clear and maddeningly vague. She knows what she will lose, but when what she is to gain becomes apparent as well, it flips her entire world upside down. How could fate be leading her to the human male who cannot possibly be her mate?
Godric has been fighting against the oppression on Earth for years, but with the help of the Hallans, the future he’s only dreamed of is closer than ever. Even more than victory, though, his focus seems to constantly be on the Mina who claims she hates him. He thinks there’s something else going on behind her narrowed eyes and sharp words, maybe even the same thing he feels for her.

Fate has more in store for Vabila and Godric than either of them could have imagined but will the events on Earth take away their chance to choose each other?

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