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Mikko (Stolen Warriors #2) by Ella Maven – Free eBooks Download


Hide and seek is a lot less fun in an alien prison where the winner gets… me.

Rian: I’m not a stranger to being behind bars, but this prison leaves a lot to be desired. There are zero communal showers, minimal locking cells, and the other prisoners are extremely hostile. That could be because they are aliens and this is a prison in another galaxy. Add in the fact that I’m a human female, and my life span has just dropped some serious time.
I’m about to go down fighting when a scary blue alien with spikes decides he’s my rescuer. Except he doesn’t seem happy about my presence and, well, join the club, buddy.

Mikko: After spending a third of my life in the Pit, I returned for some payback but instead find a human female fighting for her life. She’s small, snarly, and irritatingly beautiful.
When a coveted reward is offered to the prisoners for our capture, the game changes. My enemies thought I was unpredictable with anger issues before? They haven’t seen anything yet. I’ll escape again with my female, and then the real payback begins.

Mikko is a SciFi Alien Warrior Romance featuring a prickly, snarky hero with a heart of gold and a heroine who loves as hard as she fights.

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