Mikhail’s Playhouse by Ciara St James (ePUB)

mikhail's playhouse, ciara st james

Mikhail’s Playhouse (House of Lustz #1) by Ciara St James – Free eBooks Download


Mikhail has everything he could possibly want—a successful business, a beautiful home, friends, and all the companionship he could ever want. He’s able to live out his desires in his club, the House of Lustz. What more could he wish for? He doesn’t know, and his time away doesn’t reveal what has made him so dissatisfied with his life. It’s not until he returns and has a chance encounter with a woman, Tajah, that he begins to understand what it is that he needs.
Tajah is at the House of Lustz to observe and soak in all there is on display. Her goal is clear. She’s there to get a true understanding of the various pleasures of the patrons. It’s all to make her latest book series stand out. After all, romance authors do research.
However, Mikhail doesn’t trust anyone who writes, so her membership is revoked upon his return. Only after consideration, Mikhail proposes a deal to Tajah. She can return, but only if he becomes her mentor. She may have a no-touch, no-play policy, and her research is purely hands-off, but it doesn’t mean she can’t observe and learn. Things will be calm. Or they are until things heat up between her and Mikhail.
Mikhail finds the thing that’s missing from his life. Something he never expected to want or need—Tajah. As he takes her on a journey of discovery, and lets her meet his beast, a whole new world is opened up to both of them. However, it’s not all smooth sailing, and they do have obstacles to overcome if they want a chance at forever together.

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