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Olivia Thomas
After finishing the most stressful semester at college is it too much to ask for a little R & R? My family’s lake house over the New Year’s holiday was the perfect destination. No people, all the books, wine and food a girl could want at my fingertips. Sounds like the perfect plan right? That is, until James Parker, enemy number one, and my brother’s best friend, crashes my mini vacation. I’ll never forgive him for what he did, and getting snowed in with him is the icing on the ‘ruin my me time’ cake.

James Parker
In the wake of an epic screw up at work, I needed to get out of the city. My best friend offered up his family’s lake house and I jumped at the chance to get some fresh air and find a way to fix the mess I’d gotten myself into. Little did I know I’d find his little sister, Olivia, already there. And that’s when a major snowstorm rolls in, trapping us… together. Olivia’s had a bad attitude toward me for five years, it’s safe to say neither of us are happy with the arrangement.
With every hour we’re stuck together, it becomes harder to pretend there isn’t something between us. Are we going to ring in the new year by giving in to what’s brewing or full of regrets?

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