Midnight Kiss by Bianca D’Arc (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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Midnight Kiss (Tales of the Were: A Were-Fey Love Story #3) by Bianca D’Arc – Free eBooks Download


It all started with a kiss…

Gabe arranged it so he would kiss Margo, the lovely werewolf private investigator, on the stroke of midnight at a family New Year’s Eve celebration. They’d been paired up for a mission to find the evil mage who had messed with both their families years before.

She couldn’t be sure of his motives…

Gabe was a magic user and he puzzled her inner wolf. She wasn’t quite sure where he’d fit into her life—or if he could at all. But something strong was drawing them closer together and she was powerless to resist.

They had a job to do…

Traveling together on the hunt, Margo and Gabe discover and explosive mutual attraction. Can they make this incredible thing between them work long-term? Gabe is a patient man, but he knows he’s going to have to prove himself in order to win Margo’s heart. He wants her for his mate, but will she be able to cross the lines and give her heart to a mage?
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