Midlife Magical Margaritas by Terri A. Wilson (ePUB)

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Midlife Magical Margaritas (Last Round #1) by Terri A. Wilson – Free eBooks Download


She’s too old for stripping and too young for assisted living…

Raquel Bowman’s life is perfect. Her house is perfect. Her kids are perfect. Even her dog is perfect.
Perfect, perfect, perfect… until life falls apart thanks to her deceitful, insecure, gaslighting husband.

With the help of every self-help book on the market, she makes a fresh start with a new degree, a new job, and a new partner— and she can’t believe it’s happening again. Her perfect life is falling apart for the second time.
She doesn’t have the energy to start over again.

With two kids in college and one starting his own life, she’ll take any lifeline to save herself from ruin. But what’s an unemployed lawyer to do with no money, no motivation, and no means? So, when an old client leaves her a dilapidated bar in a town she’s never heard of, there’s only one thing to do. Too bad she doesn’t know anything about mixing drinks or running a bar.
Thankfully, her strange customers will teach her all she needs to know and then some. If only she could figure out why they only come out at night.

Raquel’s about to learn that when life gives you limes, it’s margarita time.

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