Midlife Billionaire’s Accidental Pregnancy by Claire Angel (ePUB)

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Midlife Billionaire’s Accidental Pregnancy (Tempting Midlife Billionaires #5) by Claire Angel – Free eBooks Download


A smoking hot movie star and a super successful billionaire!
Both are instantly smitten and it is most difficult for them to keep their dirty desires hidden.
They meet and hit it off, which turns out to be a big mistake.
She finds out she is pregnant but he shuts her out of his life.
And this is not the first time she fell for a wrong guy and got her heart broken…

She’s like a drug and I’m addicted.
She’s not intimidated by my fame or wealth.
After all, she has a fortune of her own that she’s built from the ground up.
But I’m daunted by the role she wants me to take in her life.
I want her, but that means becoming a dad… again.
It’s a step I might not be ready to take, not after everything I’ve lost.
As I begin to fall for her, I hold part of myself back.
Not because I don’t want her – I do, but I’m not ready.
My past won’t allow me to have a future.
But she seems intent on breaking down my walls and helping me heal.
I can only hope I’m not a lost cause.
Because she deserves the world, and I might be too broken to give her everything…

Full length story with no cheating and no cliffhanger!
Note: For Adults Only!

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