Midlife Bear Twins by Aline Ash (ePUB)

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Midlife Bear Twins (Bear Mates Over Forty #1) by Aline Ash – Free eBooks Download


It was meant to be a one-night stand to distract forty-something Josie from her nasty divorce. Instead, the handsome stranger left her pregnant. And soon Josie found out that neither he nor the twins are entirely human.

Dr. Josephine Kenny is facing a midlife crisis. Literally.
Her beloved husband cheated on her and divorced her, leaving her with a crappy car and barely any money to keep her clinic up and running. She is convinced she’ll never love again.
That is until a strange encounter on a deserted mountain road turns her world upside down even more.
Beaten and left alone to die, devilishly handsome Trace begs her not to involve the ER or the authorities in order to save his life.
As a doctor, Josie is obligated to help, and for the first time ever she does something reckless: despite her fears. She takes the man back to her home to nurse him back to health.
Surprisingly, he recovers much faster than any medical textbook predicts.
His rough, primal charm attracts her like a magnet. As if he is casting a spell to reopen her heart.
The night of passion they share is the best night of her life. But the next day he vanishes without a trace, leaving her pregnant – with twins.
One year later, her life is about to be turned upside down all over again when their father, Trace, suddenly shows up once more…

Leaving Josie almost ripped Trace’s heart out.
For a year, he longed for her day and night. But he knew they could never be together. The world of the bear shifters is cloaked from human eyes, and his deadly family secrets keep him away even from his own clan.
When fate brings Josie into his life again. Trace makes a shocking discovery. She has twins. Are they his?
And if they are – Josie and her newborns are in grave danger.
Can Trace find a way to keep them safe, both from his enemies and from himself?

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