Messing with the Bad Boy by Breezie Bennett (ePUB)

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Messing with the Bad Boy (Maid In Miami #2) by Breezie Bennett – Free eBooks Download


When a rock star moves to Miami with plans to win back the one who got away…can he prove he’s changed his tune and find forever love?

Zachary: I tried, I really did. I hit the big time, toured the world, and made chart-topping music, but through it all, there’s was one thing missing…the girl I loved eight years ago who couldn’t take a risk on a rock star. So when life came crashing down on me last year, I decided to go after the kind of love I sing about. Now, I’m pulling out all the stops to show Meredith Fleming that she can take a chance on me. I’ve moved to Miami and hired her company to clean my new mansion…but will my dirty reputation ruin any shot I’ve got?
Meredith: Sure, I follow the rules and avoid anything that reeks of risk. That’s how I’ve built a successful housekeeping business with my best friends. But when a new client blows into town and insists on having me supervise the job, I know there’s more to this account than cleaning up a rock star’s chaos. Zachary Thorne didn’t just break my heart in college, he made one whopping mess of it and the last thing I want is to let him back into my life. I only agree to three dates because it’s a major new account for Maid in Miami…and he still melts me just a little bit. The dates might not go quite like he wants them to, and every minute I’m with this music man, my heart sings a little more. But when his past comes roaring back and threatens to shut down the show, will I take the biggest risk of all and fall in love?

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