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merry misrule, ellie st clair

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She vowed she would never be in his company again.
When Joanna Merryton receives an invitation to Christmas at Briercrest Hall, she accepts with the assurance that her friend Caroline’s brother is still away at war. For Joanna remains scarred by the pranks Lord Elijah Kentmore pulled on her all those years ago. She does, however, long for a Christmas with her closest friend, one in which she can, for a brief holiday, enjoy a respite from her work as a seamstress and appreciate the extravagance of Christmas in the home of a marquess.

Lord Elijah Kentmore has returned home from war just in time for Christmas, only to find that nothing has changed at Briercrest Hall, while he is but a shadow of the man he used to be. Many of his memories of old have fled, only to be replaced by others he wouldn’t wish upon anyone. All he wants now is to be respected for the man he has become, instead of the man he used to be.

When Elijah attempts to capture the beautiful, mysterious woman under the mistletoe, he is shocked by her dismissal — and by the news that the ugly duckling turned swan is, in fact, his sister’s friend Joanna. Now all he wants for Christmas is to win her over and convince her that he is not the man she remembers. Can he ever earn the forgiveness of a woman he so wronged?

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