Merry & Bright, Book 2 by Stevie MacFarlane (ePUB)

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Merry & Bright, Book 2 (Love Stories From The North Pole #2) by Stevie MacFarlane – Free eBooks Download


For one magical night, Merry and Bright had everything they’d hungered for. Until the sun rose…
My goodness! Things are finally starting to settle down at the North Pole.
All the presents have been delivered and the Elvin community is looking forward to a well-earned vacation in January.
Bartlett Bright, the new supervisor at SW/NP has just survived his first Christmas, with a little help from his new friends, and he’s ecstatic. He is also basking in the loving arms of his favorite elf, Merry Mistletoe. How much better can life get?
Too bad their romance is a recipe for disaster. Apparently, he’s been asking the wrong questions! In reality, things can get worse, much worse.
Merry knows she foolishly rushed into something. What possessed her to fall under the charm of a human? She’s already had one disastrous marriage; in fact, she’s still waiting for Santa to sign her divorce papers!
Passion! That’s what did it! She’s been so lonely that she was prime pickings for a sexy human whispering wicked little things in her ear and inflaming her desires.
She had to stop it now, no matter how badly it hurt. Her heart must be protected at all costs, for it could never survive another break, maybe more shattering than the first.

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