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Mermaid For You (Magnolia Point) by Gail Haris – Free eBooks Download


Are you ready to meet your next Man of the Month?

From bestselling author Gail Haris, Mermaid for You, is a workplace, secret identity, small town romantic comedy. Two people who both work at a tourist destination, complete with a stunning mermaid, her troublemaking but secretly big-hearted best friend, and an annoyingly handsome photographer.
Van’s tired of the playboy lifestyle. He’s done with not knowing if people like him for his charming personality or his name. Which is why he agrees to take over his father’s new resort in Magnolia Point with only two conditions. One: He works there as a regular employee. Two: Nobody knows his true identity.

What he never expected was to fall for the girl who worked as a mermaid on the boat tours.
Ava has always loved the water and mermaids. So getting a job where she gets to swim all day, pretend to be a mermaid, and make children smile is the perfect job…
Or it was.
The new photographer, Van, is turning out to be a distraction. He isn’t exactly the subtle type with his bold flirting. Worse, she has to stare into his lens every day and smile… in a glitter seashell bra and tail. Unfortunately for her, the narcissistic too-good-looking-for-his-own-good doesn’t give up easily, and she kind of finds him a little entertaining.
Still, Ava isn’t looking for romance. She’s tired of people are overly charming, use annoying pet names, self-centered and keep secrets, and Van has been one giant red flag.

Will Van sink or swim in his effort to prove to Ava that they’re mermaid for each other?

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