Merciless Traitor by Bianca Cole (ePUB)

merciless traitor, bianca cole

Merciless Traitor (Callaghan Clan #1) by Bianca Cole – Free eBooks Download


I’ll burn Chicago to the ground before I let her marry a Volkov.
Maeve Callaghan is my forbidden obsession.
The reason I left for Europe three years ago.
We were on the edge of crossing a line that could get us killed.
Now I’m back and my desire returns with a vengeance.
When Ronan announces her engagement to a Russian,
I know I’d die before I let her marry him.
Maeve flees, taking the decision from my hands.
Her father makes the grave mistake of sending me to retrieve her.
I’ll betray the clan for her. Hell, I’d die for her.
Maeve doesn’t know the monster behind the man.
I’m about to teach her how dark my soul truly is.
Maeve is good and pure, but I’m rotten to the core.
I can’t fight the pull any longer, no matter the consequences.
I will burn the city to the ground for her.
Chicago will erupt into a war like no one has ever seen.
Will we survive or be a casualty of the havoc our love has caused?

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