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Mercenary (Trinity Security Solutions #4) by Tory Palmer – Free eBooks Download


Life has a funny way of putting you exactly where you need to be. But in my case, life decided the place I need to be is between a few good men…
I’m a hacker by trade, but I try to keep myself as much on the straight-and-narrow as I can. The vast majority of my income comes from honest consultancy work and debugging software and networks.
But the minority of my work…? Well, let’s just say that it’s a little “crooked-and-wide” by comparison.
And, when someone breaks into my home after a wild, amazing, toe-curlingly steamy Saturday night with Colton and Micah, two handsome Marines turned security contractors, I begin to worry about the fallout from work I’ve been doing on the side.
Now, Micah, Colton, and I are in a race to find out what my burglars were searching for, while we all simultaneously try (and wonderfully fail, thank God!) to keep our own undeniable attractions and urges in check.
To get my two new lovers’ help, though, I’ll have to approach their handsome, deadly, cranky, grouch of a boss, Travis, for protection. And the Dallas-area head of Trinity Security Solutions manages to complicates matters even more by being not only as sexy as them, but also five or six times as judgy.
Funny thing is, he’s not that judgmental about how I blow off my steam with his two employees. No, he’s only got a bone to pick with me about how I make my side money. Apparently, having more than one lover is just fine, but dealing with criminals as a side hustle is totally off limits!
Soon though, things begin to escalate with both my burglars and my three smoldering hot bodyguards, and what started out as a home invasion quickly becomes a deadly game of cat and mouse across the city, as a shadowy international mercenary organization brings all its forces to bear on my three Marine protectors, and me.
Before you can say “mercenary” five times fast, Micah, Colton, Travis, and I are in a race to uncover why they’re after a little nobody hacker like me, all while the four of us are holed up together in a tiny safe house.
Can we manage to stop whatever plan is in motion around me? Or will I have to be as mercenary as everyone seems to think I am, and accept the sizable, life-changing payoff my enemy is offering me to back off and leave well enough alone?
Most importantly, though… Can I keep my hands off these three men, even while someone is trying to kill me? Or will the mercenaries hunting me find us all before we get our happily ever after?

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