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mephitic, yolanda olson

Mephitic (Anathema #2) by Yolanda Olson, Jennifer Bene – Free eBooks Download


The Wannabe:
The best and worst idea I’ve ever had blew up in my face big time.
Willa and Dexter are gone; traded away for the worst man I’ve ever met in my life and the most obsessive little fiend that would sooner die than not have his full attention.
I’m on the road again, but it’s nowhere I want to be.
I don’t even know where the destination is exactly. All I do know is that I’d rather be anywhere than here or there.
My friends…
I’m sorry.
The Replacement
I thought my luck had run out on the curb of a rest area somewhere in Pennsylvania.
I’ve never been so wrong.
Someone found me, tucked me under his arm, and promised me a great time—and for the most part, I suffered one disappointment after the other.
Until him.
He sees me, knows me in ways that I don’t even know myself, and when he smiles at me…
I’ll never let him go.

The Fury:
If it’s not the emo kids at the stupid church, it’s something else.
I spent most of my time happy at home with nothing but my … friend … to pass the time.
That was all I ever thought I needed to be honest, and I know damn well, it’s all he’s needed. I mean anyone that comes into my crosshairs usually knows they’re in for a time as magnificent as the sight they’re beholding, and I like to do my best to show them that.
Of course, that’s not to say that I don’t like to have my own fun.
In my special ways, that is.
But now I’ve got the chance to show up at the doorstep of someone that’s haunted me for longer than I care to admit.
What’s one more road trip to the pits of hell to see this through to the end.
Am I right?

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