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Menace (Hells Guardians MC) by K.L. Myers – Free eBooks Download


Family isn’t about blood. It’s about loyalty and trust, and the Hells Guardians MC was the only family Menace McAllister cared about.

Abandoned by his mother at birth, he was raised by his brother until he was eight. The day Hunter McAllister left, Menace was forced to survive with a father who despised him. He became a loner, closing out the world around him.
On his eighteenth birthday, he found his way to Hells Creek, WY, where the MC took him in. Over the years, Menace proved his loyalty as a prospect and then as their Sgt. at arms.
The club became his salvation, his life, but it all came at one expensive cost—loving Clover, the president’s niece, from afar.
When a rival club kills all but one member of their Arizona Chapter, life as Menace knew it ceases to exist. Just when he believed he had it all figured out, he learns of a secret his brother has been keeping from the club.
Things couldn’t get more complicated. That is until Clover went missing. For the first time ever, his loyalty was being tested—club or brother. It was him against the world once again, but the stakes were much higher this time.

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