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memory of melody, charli b rose

Memory of a Melody by Charli B. Rose – Free eBooks Download


Nothing brings back a memory like a melody.

Willa ~ Something’s wrong. I don’t know what, but I can feel it. My best friend, my fiancée, even the hunky stranger who saved me are all hiding things from me. Which isn’t all that difficult considering I can’t remember the last six months of my life. Apparently, my purse wasn’t the only casualty of the random mugging I fell victim to. Those thugs stole pieces of my memory. Important ones. My heart is battered and bruised and … broken, and I have no clue why. How can I get married when I’m surrounded by secrets?

Trystan ~ My big break is finally within my grasp, but my inspiration has dried up. For months, I haven’t been able to write any new music. Then I meet her, and the floodgates open wide. Lyrics and melodies flow faster than I can jot them down. I never believed in things like muses, love at first sight or soulmates until Willa. But she doesn’t remember me except as her savior. If I tell her the truth about how we met and who I am, I’ll lose my one chance to make my dreams come true. If I don’t tell her, I might lose my chance at true love.

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