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memory lane, hj welch

Memory Lane (Pine Cove #5) by HJ Welch – Free eBooks Download


Ever since Jay Coal’s best friend saved his life in high school, he’s harbored a secret love. But Angel is straight, and his thrilling work as a movie stuntman takes him all over the world while Jay has never left Pine Cove. When Angel finally comes back to town, a suspicious work accident leaves him in the dark, and only Jay can light the way.
It’s a second chance for Angel Shields. Trustworthy Jay helps him recover from the accident, and Angel starts to see him in a different light. But are these feelings of attraction new? Or has he always had a secret crush on his best friend? Thanks to the accident, Angel can’t trust his own memories to tell him. Maybe all that matters is how he feels now?
Their life-long friendship is at risk if they make a move, but this chemistry is unforgettable. With more dangers ahead than answers, will they even get the chance to explore this love that’s waiting for them down the end of memory lane?

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