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Melody of the Heart (Melody #1) by Blake Allwood – Free eBooks Download


Yeah, life sucks. I’ve lost everything: my inheritance, my career, my dignity – if I’m not careful I’ll even lose my father’s prized Steinway… Now I’m supposed to sacrifice my pride by trying to turn a backwoods mechanic from a honky-tonk piano player to a classical virtuoso in less than a year. An impossible task I’d been duped into by my orchestra conductor who also happens to be my ex.
I traveled to West Virginia and convinced the poor mechanic to let me take over his life for my challenge and quickly realized he had more to offer me than I did him. Now, I feel guilty about it all. Guilty or not, my only choice is to win the challenge, or face career suicide and financial ruin.
Will I be able to teach the sexy mechanic how to compete or is this just a fool’s errand?

My world turned upside down when the little piano man burst into my shop demanding that I learn classical piano; all because one of my students entered some contest she didn’t even want to win.
It’s not like I didn’t love playing the piano, but classical? No… not my thing. Give me good old dirty blues or honky-tonk but I’d rather pull my oil stained fingernails out one at a time than play his kind of music.
I was ready to say no, except he seemed desperate, and I’m very gullible whenever a cute man is in distress. I hadn’t anticipated how much he would change my world. Not only has he opened my eyes to his style of music, but my heart now soars with the melody of his music.
The real question is, how am I supposed to survive when he inevitably leaves our small town and me, for good?

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