Megan Disgraced by Viktor Redreich (ePUB)

megan disgraced, viktor redreich

Megan Disgraced by Viktor Redreich, Annika Hanson – Free eBooks Download


I’m just his maid, he’ll never love me…

Late at night he sits at his desk, necktie loosened, the sleeves of his crisp cotton shirt rolled up to his bulging biceps.
How I wish I could run my fingers through his hair, graze my nose against his cheek and massage his tense, muscular shoulders.
How I’ve tried to get his attention.
Prancing around him in cute little dresses, my cheeks a rosy shade of pink.
Dropping a crumpled tissue on the floor to give him a peek as I bend over to pick it up.
Spending half my salary on expensive perfumes just to give him a whiff of me as he rushes past.
Anything to make him grab me and kiss me as he does to Stacey!
Instead, all I ever get is a polite smile when I pour his morning coffee.
The only time he notices me is when I burn his toast.
Then his eyes turn red, his fists clench, and his powerful voice rumbles from deep within his chest.
It makes my heart race…
Maybe I should burn his toast again this morning.
Smolder it to ashes.
Then he’ll really give it to me.

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