Meeting at the Altar by Kristine W. Joy (ePUB)

meeting at altar, kristine w joy

Meeting at the Altar (Brothers of Lucky Seven Ranch #3) by Kristine W. Joy – Free eBooks Download


I signed up to marry a stranger on reality TV. Turns out, the bride is someone I know. And I’m pretty sure she still hates me for what happened between us in high school…
I knew the terms: marry a stranger on the spot, handpicked by “experts” just for me.
But that’s not what’s happening.
My bride is no stranger. And she’s wearing a black dress reminiscent of the one she wore the last time we spoke … at prom.
Surely she’s gotten over what happened at prom by now.
Except … it only takes me about five minutes to realize she hasn’t. And now, I’m married to the one woman I did wrong in my life.
But she still trembles at my touch.
Either this is about to be the biggest mistake of my life, or the greatest second chance in history.
And all of America gets to watch it…

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