Meet You in the Waves by Aria Brennan (ePUB)

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Meet You in the Waves (South Coast #1) by Aria Brennan – Free eBooks Download


No one expects to be abandoned the day before Christmas but that is exactly where I find myself when my mum cancels our summer holiday to be with her new husband. Not wanting to spend the break alone, I jump at my best friend’s offer to join him at his family’s beach house.
The only potential hiccup? Dane’s lazy, beach bum older brother, Nick, will also be there.
Except Nick is like nothing his younger brother has represented. He’s a welcome breath of fresh air, a man who lives life to the fullest and who calls to me in ways nobody else has ever done before. Oh, and did I mention how good he looks on the back of a surfboard?
As far as I know I’m totally straight and it’s easy to mistake attraction for admiration. But then the lightbulb suddenly flicks and I can no longer deny how much I want him.
I’m hooked and falling fast but we both have exes – my manipulative, slightly stalkerish high school sweetheart and his devastatingly beautiful supermodel ex who just so happens to be Nick’s best friend – who aren’t quite so thrilled about letting us have our happily ever after. Besides, this was only meant to be a summer fling. Right?

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