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mechanic, ann edwards

Mechanic (Isle of Cards) by Ann Edwards – Free eBooks Download


Getting the casino off the ground is more difficult than I expected it to be. After weeks of hard work, it finally comes together, and the doors are ready to open. To celebrate the occasion, we have invited some of the biggest high-rollers in the country to come and participate in a special poker game.

Getting my Dealer’s License should have been a time for celebration. Instead, it was a time of mourning and worry. One of the Pit Bosses lurks everywhere I turn. When given the chance for a fresh start and a new casino, I jump at the chance. Hopefully, a new town will help me move on. When the creepy Pit Boss shows up in the new town, not long after I do, things start going sideways. When he tries to frame me for robbing the big poker game and skimming from the casino, my only option is to turn the tables on him.

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