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I’m a journalist. It’s my job to expose corruption. But what if the man I’m falling for is part of it?

One year ago, my then-boyfriend nearly broke me. He might have succeeded if a handsome stranger hadn’t stepped in. I walked away that night and didn’t look back.
Instead, I picked up the pieces of my shattered life and moved on.
Running into my sexy, enigmatic savior once again is unexpected. He’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of, but my self-confidence is in tatters and trust needs to be earned.
Men are a distraction I don’t need. The story I’m chasing is too important.
The more I dig into the corruption dragging our city down, the more I’m in danger.
Someone doesn’t want my story published and is determined to stop at nothing to ensure I’m silenced.
Each time danger finds me, Max is there. A strong, charismatic, swoon-worthy knight in shining armor.
He says he wants to protect me. And I believe him.
At least I do until I discover who he really is.
Max Petrov isn’t just a billionaire property developer – he’s a member of the Russian Mafia. One of the bad guys I’m trying to expose.
Only things are never black and white, and sometimes, not everything is as it seems.

Maxim is a MF dark mafia romance with a HEA, no cliffhanger. It contains themes some readers may find disturbing, so please check the content warning at the start of the book before reading.

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