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matteo, anna castor

Matteo (Winter Peaks #3) by Anna Castor – Free eBooks Download


What would you do if you’d get stuck for hours in an elevator with you celebrity crush?
Suck his face off? ✔️
Be brutally honest and hurt his feelings so he walks away without a backwards glance? ✔️✔️ Double check for Lily Mills.
Lily Mills couldn’t believe it when the lead singer of the famous rock band Dark Moon Matteo joined her elevator. Lily has listened to his intense music every day since her ex broke her heart.
Matteo Dorante almost had a heart attack when a woman dressed up as a sexy clown suddenly whispered into the dark in the stuck elevator last Halloween. He was drunk. And she was brutally honest. Matteo ran as fast as he could from this gorgeous woman who saw right through him. Months later, he still can’t get his clown girl out of his head.
When Matteo finds Lily living in the same small town as his estranged brother, he will have to pull out all the stops to make her his.

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