Matched to His Wolves by Lorelei M. Hart (ePUB)

matched his wolves lorelei m hart

Matched to His Wolves (The Dates of Our Lives #14) by Lorelei M. Hart, Colbie Dunbar – Free eBooks Download


Sometimes the mate you’ve been looking for is only an app away… times two.

Human alpha, Troy, is lonely. Sure he has a decent job and a few close friends, but it’s not enough. He sees the life his cousin has, complete with a husband, and can’t help but want the same. When he learns his cousin met the love of his life with the help of a phone app, he signs up. Maybe it will work for him too.
Omega wolf shifter Channon is finishing up his last year at college and needs a thesis topic and quickly. When he overhears some students talking about the hot new dating app, he gets an idea. What if he writes his paper on the effectiveness of different dating app onboarding questions? Maybe if he’s lucky he can even squeeze an A out of it? It’s not like he will date any of them… that is until he does.
Alpha wolf shifter Zeeve has been using Love and Hate for months with no luck. It’s not that he’s picky. The app just doesn’t have anyone in his town. He decides to widen the location search and suddenly finds himself liking not one, but two men from the same small town about an hour or two away. What could it hurt to drive there for a couple of dates? Maybe one of them is his mate.
Spoiler alert: They both are.

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