Matched To His Cheetah by Lorelei M. Hart (ePUB)

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Matched To His Cheetah (The Dates of Our Lives #12) by Lorelei M. Hart, Colbie Dunbar – Free eBooks Download


Sometimes the last place you want to be is the place you belong.

Alpha cheetah shifter Kenny loves life at the shore. Not once has he thought about going back to his small-town roots. One letter from a lawyer later, everything changes. Springfield might not be where he longs to be, but it’s exactly where he’s heading. He plans to take care of business and return to the coast before high season begins. All he has to do is sell a house—how hard can that be?
Omega Tyler moved to Springfield to fill in as an adjunct mathematics professor after his dream job in the city was cut. He doesn’t mind the small-town vibe, but he’s lonely. Going from a bustling city to the middle of nowhere where everyone knows everyone and you’re simply “the new guy” is not an easy transition. But his job is fulfilling, and his new rental home adorable. He can’t complain—that is until the owner of said rental sends him a thirty-day notice out of the blue.
When Tyler overhears some of his students talking about a dating app, Love & Hate, he figures he has nothing to lose; it might even distract him from his apartment-hunting woes. Tyler instantly matches and connects with someone else “new” in town. It seems too good to be true, and it sort of is, his smexy date also being the person evicting him.

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