Masters and Secrets by Roma James (ePUB)

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Masters and Secrets (Menage Short Story #1) by Roma James – Free eBooks Download


The most powerful feeling in the world is having no power at all…

Best friends Valentina, Serena and Alexis are all laser-focused on their own goals, and none of them include finding a man—let alone two.
But during one evening at a new nightclub, each woman experiences a world-shattering interaction that will leave a mark far more permanent than any flogger.
For buttoned-up architecture prodigy Valentina, her infuriating boss and his devil-may-care colleague are determined to strip her of the self-control she clings to.
For renowned neurosurgeon Alexis, two men who have been hiding in plain sight could be the key to unlock her darkest fantasy.
And for Serena, the flame-haired goddess who’s used to wearing the skin-tight leather pants in relationships, her true nature just might be uncovered by the only two men to see her for who she really is.

Each at the hands of her own pair of sexy, commanding Masters, the three women are about to discover the delicious rapture of learning to let go.
To obey.
To surrender.

(This story was originally released under the title Playing It Smart and features a new cover and tons of new content.)

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