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Massimo (Mafia Kings #3) by Olivia Thorn – Free eBooks Download


I hated him from the second he opened his mouth.
Sure, he was gorgeous – 6’7” with more muscles than Henry Cavill.
And those warm brown eyes… and the deep, deep voice…
But he was a mafioso, and he tried to tell me what to do.
I’ve had enough of THAT to last me five lifetimes.
See, I was born into the most powerful Cosa Nostra family in Venice, Italy…
And I’ve had my fill of gangsters trying to boss me around.
So even though he’d kill anyone who would harm a hair on my head –
And even though he makes me feel safer than anyone else in the world –
And even though he’s so hot he makes me want to –
Damn it.
…I think I’m falling for him.

I hated her from the second she opened her mouth.
Sure, she was beautiful – with huge eyes and soft lips…
And the most incredible ass I’ve ever seen…
But she was a mafia princess.
A spoiled little bratwith a mouth like a sailor’s.
However, I want her family as allies, so I swore an oath:
I would keep her safe no matter what. Even at the cost of my own life.
But it’s strictly business. I need her alive for my family to win a mafia war.
And it has nothing to do with her sarcastic humor and smartass mouth –
Or the way her eyes sparkle when she laughs –
Or how hot she is when she’s looking at me and biting her lip –
Damn it.
…I think I’m falling for her.

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