Masquerade Mistake by Crissi Langwell (ePUB)

masquerade mistake, crissi langwell

Masquerade Mistake (Sunset Bay #1) by Crissi Langwell – Free eBooks Download


It’s been seven years since our anonymous fling, but he doesn’t know it’s me…or that he’s a father.
I met him at a time when I didn’t have a friend. In one night, he offered me a sense of home I’d never known. But when we said goodbye, it was supposed to be forever.
We didn’t know he’d left a piece of him with me.
Now here I am, sitting across the table from someone new. I’d sworn off dating, vowing to focus on raising my son. But this guy is making me rethink everything. He’s funny and smart. He can’t stop telling me I’m beautiful. But just when I think he’s the one, he tells me he doesn’t want kids.
And that’s when I notice his tattoo. His familiar voice. A smile I’ve seen too often on the face of my son.
Our son.
Does he remember me? And now that I know who he is, how do I tell him he’s already a father?

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