Marrying the Quarterback by Roxanne Steele (ePUB)

marrying quarterback, roxanne steele

Marrying the Quarterback (Florida Kingsman Chiefs #1) by Roxanne Steele – Free eBooks Download


Riley Sullivan is the latest pop star to headline the Super Bowl Half-Time Show stage.

What should have been a huge milestone in her career ends in betrayal when she finds her husband in a compromising position.
In the locker room declaring his undying love for his secret mistress.
Vengeful and heartbroken, Riley is on a war path, and she can hardly believe her luck when her star aligns with Tyler Owens, the six-foot adonis with piercing blue eyes.

Tyler Sinclair Owens is a professional NFL player familiar with the glitz, glam, and gossip that comes with fame. When his path crosses with Riley’s, he can’t help but be drawn to the superstar’s drive, determination, and grit.
And in that instance, he makes a single wish.
To make her his.

As the chemistry between Riley and Tyler heats, new and unexpected secrets and challenges emerge.
Will the stars fight to maintain their forever, or will old and new forces tear them apart?

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