Marrying the Billionaire Single Dad by L. Steele (ePUB)

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Marrying the Billionaire Single Dad (Big Bad Billionaires #4) by L. Steele – Free eBooks Download


Never fall for the bad boy …

Damian “Big D” Savage aka the billionaire rockstar with the killer abs aka…
THE six-foot-three, sculpted-chest, hot as F, macho package,
…who haunts the dreams of half the female populace, ugh!
He’s also the kind of obnoxious, arrogant, self-important prick I avoid, in real life.
But that panty melting smirk of his?—OMG! swoon
So I may have stalked his social media accounts, don’t judge.
A lowly au-pair like me? I didn’t feature on his radar at all…
…Until I run into him at a bar.
What’s a girl to do when faced with a 100% potent growly hunk of male like him? gulp
One night shouldn’t matter, right?
One amazing, mind blowing, night of nonstop O’s. OMFG!
By dawn I knew I was falling for him.
And no way was I going to become another notch on his bed post.
Definitely wasn’t going to give in to his lethal charm.
Or hand him the satisfaction of finding out how completely he’d bowled me over.
So I ran away, leaving him with no contact details, nothing.
I went on with my life.
All lies, I mooned over him, but so what?
There can be no future for us, of course not.
Until I get a call to report to my new boss—a gazillionaire who needs a nanny to take care of his child.
Guess who that turns out to be…? I kid you not!
I turn down the job, of course; so he offers me a million pounds.
Cue my complete breakdown
He also commands me to marry him.
Something about proving to his parents that he had turned over a new leaf.
As if?
Then… the Mafia shows up, and everything goes wrong…

This is Damian and ____’s story. An enemies to lovers, single dad fake marriage romance featuring a grumpy, possessive, billionaire rockstar and the sassy nanny who challenges him to take a chance on love! 1-Click NOW

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