Married Off to the Mafia by Veda Rose (ePUB)

married off, veda rose

Married Off to the Mafia (Sorvino Mobsters #2) by Veda Rose – Free eBooks Download


He rejected me coldly all those years ago. Now I’m forced to marry him.
Our mafia families are old allies, and we grew up together.
But when I offered him my heart, he stomped all over it.
Now the don demands that I marry him to make me a top protection priority.
I’m sick of being controlled like a powerless little girl with no choice.
I hate it that I’m being forced to share my life with the mobster who broke my heart.
But it gets worse: he and I have to go on the run together.
Which means spending extensive alone-time together in hotel rooms.
You know what the most twisted thing about all of it is? I’m still not over him.
I hate how safe I feel when he gets dangerously close.
I hate how my blood turns hot when he’s playing it cool.
I hate how I want to forget this cruel world and give myself to him even though I shouldn’t.
How much longer can I resist giving myself to the mobster?

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