Marriage and Mimosas by Alina Jacobs (ePUB)

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Marriage and Mimosas (Weddings in the City #6) by Alina Jacobs – Free eBooks Download


Going to the chapel, and we’re … going to get left at the altar …
I thought I had my life all planned out—great career, swanky condo, wonderful fiancé…
A fiancé who did not show up to our wedding.
A bride’s worst nightmare came true, live in front of all my family and friends.
And his family and friends.
Ryan James was the cake topper on top of this wedding cake of humiliation.
All I wanted was to clear everyone out of the venue, throw the hors d’oeuvres in the trash, then light the wedding cake on fire.
But Ryan insisted on still holding cocktail hour. And the elaborate five-course meal I had planned. And dancing.
I drew the line at cake cutting.
Words were exchanged.
Cake may or may not have been thrown.
Someone might have been arrested.
Too bad I rage-canceled the honeymoon. I would have loved to drown Ryan on a tropical beach.
All I wanted was a safe, boring marriage like my parents’. The only drama I needed in my life was helping my brides decide if they wanted to throw their grooms a bone and serve mini hamburgers during cocktail hour and trying to keep my elderly neighbors from blowing their pensions on the latest online dating scam.
But Ryan seemed to be everywhere, offering unasked-for opinions on menus, drinking all the sample cocktails, and offering to lick peach syrup off my…
I wanted to wallow in peace.
Not have a rebound with an obnoxious best man.
Too bad he looks so good covered in frosting!

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