Marked By Salvation by Avery Stone (ePUB)

marked salvation, avery stone

Marked By Salvation (Outcast Hollows Pack #2) by Avery Stone – Free eBooks Download


As a reject continually tossed into uncertain circumstances, I learned to fight for my own survival long ago. But now, thanks to an Alpha with a tender heart, I’m beginning to understand that I’m so much more than a fragile butterfly.
I’m a Monarch — an Alpha-born female — and I’ve been trained to handle drug wars, mafia deals, and kidnappings. I’m also adept at escaping the clutches of men in lab coats, but it’s become alarmingly clear that there are people out there who want those skills to be buried deep in the recesses of my mind…forever.
Alpha Killian won’t let that happen.
He knows how powerful I am, as well as what I can become with training, perseverance, and passion — and he’s tired of taking things slow. My body is a sacred temple to him, a place to explore while he uses his abilities to probe into the realms of my mind, intent on unlocking the truth.
But with a rat in our pack, a desperate con artist on the loose, and fate pushing me toward a hidden Coven of extremely powerful vampires, it’s going to take all the power my comrades and I have to prepare for what’s to come.
I’m a wild card of rebellion, and it’s time to show the world the dangers of threatening an outcast.

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