Marked By Her Marquess by Ella Edon (ePUB)

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Marked By Her Marquess by Ella Edon – Free eBooks Download


Martin Huntigton, the second son of a Marquess, has spent his whole life being reckless and free. Only this time, a young lady has him thinking he could finally settle down. Alas, he’s in for a surprise. Encouraged by an anonymous columnist, his fiance ends their engagement, leaving him heartbroken. Now, there is only one thing on his mind… Exact revenge on this so-called “Love Lady,” who ruined his life.
Emma Lawrence, is a total control freak. Her whole life is based on rules she doesn’t dare question. And she never neglects to mention those rules to her column readers. All decisions concerning one’s love life should be thoroughly planned out. But when a promise puts her life in danger, she will find herself engaged to a handsome stranger. And he might be more dangerous than he seems.
As Martin’s ego is bruised, he plots the perfect revenge. He traps Emma in an engagement she doesn’t want and vows to make her life a living hell. But the more he learns about her, the more he is drawn to her. And soon, his thirst for revenge will be trumped by a more powerful desire…

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