Manhattan Cowboy by Ellie Rowe (ePUB)

manhattan cowboy, ellie rowe

Manhattan Cowboy (Skyscrapers and Stilettos #3) by Ellie Rowe – Free eBooks Download


This cowboy only needs one thing to take on this goddess.
A lasso.
They call me the Duke of the Texas oil industry.
So no way I’m going to let some big city blonde come in and tell me how to run my business.
Sure, she may be the CEO of a company I need to help me.
But it’s gonna be on my terms.
Except, a feisty woman like Gloria Naylor doesn’t usually take orders lying down.
Which is exactly the position I want her in, by the time I’m done with her.
Fat chance of that.
Instead, it looks like we’re settling down for a good ol’ fashioned brawl.
A disaster rodeo that’ll leave both of us broken.
But if there’s one thing this cowboy knows how to do, it’s ride.
So Gloria Naylor wants to take on this Texas good ol’ boy and show him whose boss?
All I got to say to that is…
It’s time to ride, cowgirl…

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