Mane Redemption by Kay Stewart (ePUB)

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Mane Redemption (Breaking the Ice #8) by Kay Stewart – Free eBooks Download


What happens when you stop trying so hard to control every aspect of your life?

Rachel Collins prides herself on her ability to paint lipstick on pigs by day and create baked masterpieces by night. Professionally, that means she takes unruly NHL players and makes them look like hockey royalty. She enjoys her job and is good at maintaining her composure until she faces the biggest challenge of her career.
Tristian Mancini is a man without a plan. He’s perfected the art of letting the world see exactly what they want to see. He’s never cared about what anyone says about him until the consequences of his actions hit way too close to home, resulting in a never ending nightmare. Suddenly, he cares what people think and would rather give up his career than let people who don’t know him drag him through the mud.

Tristian might be a man with a muddled past, but he’s true to himself and values the same in others. When he sees different sides of Rachel, he loses sight of what he actually likes about her. Who is Rachel Collins and why does she try so hard to be someone she isn’t? If only he knew…

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