Malicious Midpoint by Alice Winters (ePUB)

malicious midpoint, alice winters

Malicious Midpoint (Demon Magic #3) by Alice Winters – Free eBooks Download


Nothing can go wrong with being in love with a demon and having a dragon familiar whose idea of a fun time is watching me plummet to the ground, right? Now that things have settled down, I’m hoping to finally get some peace and quiet to spend with Havoc.
Instead, we get a guy who can walk the river of the dead, a centaur that seems allergic to pants, and an angel who has only one true love: himself.
This is the group of misfits I’ve been given to protect the district.
Sometimes I can’t help but wonder how we stopped an unbelievably powerful dark mage.
After finding a strange book in the middle of the woods that seems to be connected to curse magic, I find myself in the presence of someone from my past… someone I never expected to meet again. As the clues lead us into a district on the brink of destruction, Havoc and I realize that in order to stop the district from collapsing and taking down our friends with it, we can’t do it alone. With the assistance of my chaotic crew, we are going to stop this darkness before it consumes those we care about.
But everything comes at a cost because when you work with magic, nothing is predictable.

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