Malevolent by E.C. Land (ePUB)

malevolent, elizabeth knox

Malevolent (Raiders of Valhalla MC #3) by E.C. Land, Elizabeth Knox – Free eBooks Download


I was on the brink of death and an angel pulled me from its clutches.
At a club barbeque we were shot up by enemies. I was with our VP’s daughter and covered her body to shield her from the gunfire. Thankfully, she was spared from the bullets, but I wasn’t as lucky.
I could barely breathe and blood was effortlessly flowing out of my body. The club kept me alert until the paramedics got there, and the woman in the back kept me awake. She told me things and was kind. I knew in that moment I wanted to see her again, but now it’s months later and I think I’ve lost out on my chance of finding her again.
By chance I ran into her again in the most unexpected of places. I wasn’t going to let her go this time. I was going to make sure she knew I was grateful to her for everything she did, and I’d make sure she knew exactly how pleasurable a great man like me could make her.
Gwen was my guardian angel, but she didn’t know it yet.

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