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Malcolm (Devil’s Den #2) by Madison Stevens, Willow Hazel – Free eBooks Download


It’s always hot in the desert.

Malcolm’s life is supposed to be simple, nothing more than following his alpha’s orders and protecting the pack. Unfortunately, simple doesn’t mean satisfying, no matter how many bikers he beats down.
The recent pack move to Arizona still doesn’t sit well with the beta werewolf, and he’s annoyed with the trash that frequents their bar. Something is missing from his life, and he doesn’t know what it is. With Christmas approaching, the painful memories of his early life threaten to swallow him.
Dancer Irina has dedicated her life to grace and beauty, but the dark shadow of an obsessive monster hangs over her. She fled to America to start over, but a phone call reminds her that some problems aren’t so easy to escape. Even then, the dancer finds herself drawn to the handsome and straight-forward Malcolm and allows herself the audacity of hope.

Now, a deadly threat is on its way to America and shared passion might be enough to steam up the windows, but not to protect the love Irina dared chase.

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