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malcolm, clara cruise

Malcolm (Hazelview Medics #6) by Clara Cruise – Free eBooks Download


A renown chef gets injured in an embarrassing accident.
An ER surgeon saves the day (and a finger).
There’s an instant spark…and a brother who comes between them.

Ophelia has never felt so embarrassed in her entire life. Her, a famous chef, almost cutting off her finger while working at a wedding rehearsal dinner? It just doesn’t happen, not to any respectable chef, and definitely not to her.
Except that it did happen. At least she also got lucky: one of the guests at the dinner party was Malcolm, an ER surgeon working in the Hazelview Memorial Hospital, and he was able to help her.
Actually, she got more than lucky. There was an instant spark between Ophelia and Malcolm, followed by the chemistry so strong that the embarrassment was quickly forgotten. Ophelia has never felt that way about any man in her life, and it seems that Malcolm feels the same.
However, something comes between them. Not something, someone – Ophelia’s own brother, Damian. And Damian is the kind of man who doesn’t give up easily. Will the chemistry between Ophelia and Malcolm be enough to go against Damian, or is Ophelia going to end up as a bystander in the fate of her love life?

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