Making Her Mine by Monica Murphy (ePUB)

making her mine, monica murphy

Making Her Mine (The Callahans #6) by Monica Murphy – Free eBooks Download


Beck Callahan.
Star defensive Lineman.
Most popular boy on campus.
One of my best friends.

He’s always been off limits because I know a relationship with him could never work. Like, ever. He’s too perfect, too sweet, too good looking. Taking what we have a step further has the potential to ruin everything, and his friendship is too important to me.

So I keep it friendly, always with my feelings locked up tight. We talk. We date other people.

Until the beginning of senior year, one night at a party. When lines are blurred and eventually crossed. It was the best night of my life. A night I will never forget. Or regret. It’s all I can think about. He’s all I can think about.

But I’m also a little spooked. Beck says all the right things, and his sweet words make me feel…everything. He’s determined to make me his.
Should I let him? Or do I risk losing him as my boyfriend and my best friend?

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