Make Mine A Koala by Harper B. Cole (ePUB)

make mine, harper b cole

Make Mine A Koala (Mated By Chance #7) by Harper B. Cole, Colbie Dunbar – Free eBooks Download


Koalas aren’t supposed to live here.
Human alpha Cameron is looking for a place to live away from the rat race that is the big city. When he arrives in the small town of Riverford, he decides to make it his home. But the garden in his new house is nonexistent, and when two men, one elderly and the other with blue hair, direct him to a local nursery, he heads straight there.
Omega koala shifter Gideon has always felt out of place. His father was mistaken for a wild koala, locked in a cage, and transported across the ocean to a zoo. He shifted and escaped, but in his search for somewhere to live, he mated, and they had Gideon.
Now Gideon is an adult and alone in the world, he’s adrift, always searching, but never finding where he belongs. Until he meets Mr. Lucas and his nephew whose new business is running a nursery. While Gideon is browsing the eucalyptus, he makes an interesting discovery.

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